BBM 007 Assessment

Full details of the assessment can be seen in Assignment (PDF)

Hints and tips about structuring the report can be seen in this post/document

This work should be done in pairs and submitted as a single word document, with all code, diagrams and data examples included in the document.

The hand-in date/time is 2nd May 2011 at 6:00pm. Electronic submission (only) is required Рeither through the digital drop box  or using the email address

You submit one document per group. If you submit by email I will email you back so you know its arrived (probably the next day in the morning).

Database Design Methodology

Here are the slides on Database Design Methodology which are very heavily based on the Chapters from the Database book by Connolly & Begg.

This is really only a summary – you need to read the chapters on Conceptual, Logical and Physical design in the book.

Database Design slides

SQL statements to create EMP DEPT and GRADE tables

This zipped text file contains three SQL blocks which should create and populate the EMP, DEPT and GRADE tables in SQL compliant databases

It contains three blocks that look like this

// create table SQL
create table emp (
empno int,
… etc.
// Lines to insert tuples into the table created above
insert into emp values (405,”MARCH”,”ADMIN”,938,”13/06/1997″,18000,null,2);
insert into emp values (535,”BYRNE”,”SALES”,734,”15/08/1997″,26000,300,3);