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BITS week 5

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This weeks material is very practical, involving the redesign of a website into semantic XHTML and CSS. As this is exactly the same process that you will be performing in the assignment, the lecture has been duplicated below, so that you can repeat the process should you wish (or if you missed the lecture).

The lecture notes can be downloaded as a PDF – Lecture 5 handout

If you attended the lecture and feel confident, you can jump straight into the lab exercise

Lab Exercise Styling the page – exercise sheet Lab 5  and the Zip file containing HTML, CSS and images for lab 5

A solution for the complete site is available (i.e. the completed redesign shown in lecture and attempted in lab from the zip file)

If you missed the lecture or wish to see the process again, you can start from here:

This weeks materials are all about using Semantic XHTML and CSS to style a preexisting web site. The web site in question is the (old) version of the Faculty of Business Website (see image).

Activity One Download, extract and then have a look at the markup for this page Faculty of Business and Law.html (zip) – see if you can understand it.

Activity Two Watch the first part of the video – the lecture notes used in all these videos can be downloaded as a PDF – lecture 5 handouts

Video 1 is about 15 minutes long

Activity Three Try and edit your file (from Activity One) to remove all the excess HTML and CSS, like in the video. A completed solution is available to see if what you’ve created matches the video version

Activity Four Watch the second part of the video – where the logical parts of the document are marked up using DIVs and SPANs

Video 2 is about 7 minutes long

Activity Five Edit your document (or the solution given in Activity Three) to mark up the logical parts of the document – a completed version is available to check against. Watch out for the correct number of closing DIV tags where there are DIVs within DIVs – the trick is to have two closing DIVs at the end of the central column (closing the news area and the contentMain area), and two closing DIVs at the end of the column on the right (closing the badges part and the contentSub part).

Activity Six Watch the third part of the video on how to structure and add CSS files – and then what normalisation does

Video 3 is about 6 minutes long

Activity Seven Watch the final parts of the video which shows the steps required to style the site to recreate the original design markup used in the lecture Because this is the longest part of this process, this has been split into two parts

Styling the whole document – sorting out the column placement and overall styles (such as fonts) – about 7 minutes

Styling each individual sub area and tidying up – about 18 minutes

You should now be prepared for the Lab Exercise which asks you to style the page

Lab Exercise Styling the page – exercise sheet for Lab 5 and the Zip file containing HTML, CSS and images for lab 5

A solution for the complete site is available (i.e. the completed redesign shown in lecture and attempted in lab from the zip file)

One of the nicest books explaining the whole semantic xhtml and structured CSS approach is Transcending CSS by Andy Clarke

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BB5104 Web Development for Business Assessment 1

October 15th, 2013 No comments

The first assessment for this module is presented in four parts and involves creating a PHP/MYSQL solution for a module evaluation questionnaire system.

Part One is about creating the initial user form and response page – detailed Assignment part 1

Part Two is all about creating a table to store the results from the form in part one – Assignment part 2

Part Three asks you to create the relevant parts of CRUD for the assignment – Assignment part 3

Part Four asks you to create an authentication system and a summary statistics page – Assignment part 4

You will submit this work through a drop box in blackboard, as a SINGLE word document, which should include explanations of your design, screenshots and code. For instructions on how to write a correctly structured report, use the techniques in this post

The SINGLE word document is to be submitted through a dropbox on studyspace on Thursday 22nd January 2015 @ 9:00 AM GMT.

Erasmus students

Erasmus students who are only here for the first teaching period (i.e they leave before Christmas) have a slightly different process – they only have to do parts 1 – 3 above and should submit their work on Monday 15th December, into the special Erasmus dropbox in studyspace

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Test Image

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Test image is here


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BITS week 4

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These are the materials for week 4 of the BITS module

Lecture slides lecture 4

There are some more detailed notes on binary and hex

CSS exercises Lab 4

Resources for lab 4

lab4 files for lab exercise

Solutions for the CSS exercises are available

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