ITB results 11/12

This PDF file has the results for the first HTML test (10%) and the second multiple choice test (20%). Grades for the coursework will follow in a week or so. BB1753 ITB.pdf

Here are the feedback sheets for the major piece of coursework on ITB. To find yours, download the PDF and search for your K number (it can be lower or upper case k) BB1753 ITB ALL

This grid shows all the marks in one column (again – by k number only) BB1753 ITB Marks 1112

Please note that grades have not been moderated or passed through an exam board yet, so it is possible that they may change (this is unusual but can happen).

If you see any glaring issues then please email me

Web Scripting coursework results 11/12

The (unmoderated) coursework results are available. As they are unmoderated it is possible (but unlikely) that they may be changed slightly either by the moderator or by the exam board. This rarely happens but it is possible…

This grid has the coursework results by kuid number BB2006 Web Scripting – CSWK Marks 1112

This (large) PDF file has the feedback sheets for the coursework – open the file in your PDF reader and search for your ku ID number (some of them are kxxxxx whilst some are Kxxxxx) – no names are included in the sheet BB2006 Web Scripting ALL