Social Capital in the Web 2.0 world

Currently working on a literature review of Social Capital – obviously a massive area, so will attempt to narrow it down to recent applications in the specific area of learning and web 2.0. Hopefully the volume of literature will not be too overpowering.

Gale helpfully suggested starting with this:
A Bayesian Belief Network Computational Model of Social Capital in Virtual Communities

Bit irritating to discover that a lot of what I was thinking about covering is knocking about already, although the reference list (and the fact that it was published mid 2007) helps.

Hello WordPress

Managed to get WordPress installed on a 1&1 account. Not actually too difficult, but the catch is that 1&1 offers frame and HTTP redirects from purchased domain names to separate areas. After a lot of failed attempts (which typically required using phpmysql admin to directly change the values in the database), I discovered the correct sequence to get good URLs:

Choose frame redirection under the 1&1 hostname to the correct webspace name

Edit the wordpress fields so that the Blog address (URL) points to the ‘other’ name.

Not a lot of detail here, but this is what worked for me.