Web Scripting for Applications Week 7

In the lab

This lab is all about developing a CRUD system for the EMP database table set up in week 6 – the initial code required is in this zip file. Extract the file, ensuring that you maintain the directory structures given.

You will be shown how to wire this code up in class


The exercises take you through setting up a small web site using folders, CSS and other techniques

Exercises: PHP exercises

Code for exercises: code

Web Scripting for Applications Week 6

Materials for first week back ..

Lecture 6 on mysql and php/phpmyadmin

SQL file required to set up the EMP database in mySQL empDB

SQL notes on using mySQL and the projection statement SQL Session 1

Notes on setting up your own version of MAMP (mac) Installing and using MAMP

empform code empform.php

Here are some SQL insert statements that may be useful:

insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (120, “SMITH”, 22000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (121, “JONES”, 23000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (122, “AVERY”, 22500);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (124, “MITCHELL”, 26000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (127, “WEBB”, 22000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (129, “TENNENT”, 22000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (130, “RUSSELL”, 25000);

Exercise for lab: PHP exercise

Code for lab: codeforlab1


Two excellent posts about Web Browsers

The first from Mozilla celebrates 5 years of Firefox and explains what’s been going on this last year and where browser technology will be going next “super fast JavaScript, modern CSS, HTML5, support for the various web-apps standards, downloadable font support, offline application support, raw graphics through canvas and WebGL, native video, advanced XHR capabilities mixed with new security tools and network capabilities”.

The second from Glyn Moody contains a potted history of the development of browser technology. His Computer World column is always worth reading.

Google Wave

Google started rolling out developer invites to Google Wave and reviews and applications are starting to appear.

A larger set of invites will appear later in the year according to various articles.

Slashdot reported that “Ray Ozzie says that Google Wave is ‘anti-Web,’ which seems rather odd, as at least Google have said that it will use standard internet protocols and be open source. Rather like the internet and the web and not at all like Silverlight or the lacklustre IE8.

Youtube dropping support for IE6

One way to get users off IE6 is to literally stop access to their favorite web sites unless they upgrade – Youtube has started to run a banner that indicates that time is running out for those stuck on IE6. Interestingly, in a sample study from digg, many of the sample IE 6 users surveyed indicated that they would upgrade, but they couldn’t due to corporate policies or lack of upgrade rights.

Techcrunch article

Its worth reading the history of IE6 at wikipedia, which suggests that 12% of people are still using a browser brought out in 2001.