Site redesign using Semantic HTML and CSS

This session is about moving an existing site into semantic HTML and CSS. By reducing the complexity (and mess) of the pre-existing HTML and moving the design into CSS broken into separate files, the site should be cleaner, better structured and more maintainable.

Slides for this session (PDF) (Cut down version without all the CSS explanations)

Slides for this session (PDF) (Full set of every slide that’s used)

Semantic file with div structure (PDF)

FOB semantic with div (HTML)


Two excellent posts about Web Browsers

The first from Mozilla celebrates 5 years of Firefox and explains what’s been going on this last year and where browser technology will be going next “super fast JavaScript, modern CSS, HTML5, support for the various web-apps standards, downloadable font support, offline application support, raw graphics through canvas and WebGL, native video, advanced XHR capabilities mixed with new security tools and network capabilities”.

The second from Glyn Moody contains a potted history of the development of browser technology. His Computer World column is always worth reading.