Correctly structuring and presenting a technical document

This document explains the tips and techniques that can be used to structure and format a Word document so that it looks appropriate. It is expected that assignment work for Information Technology for Business (Level 4) and Web Scripting for Applications (Level 5), will use these techniques.

Correctly structuring and presenting a document

Referencing (which is mentioned on Page 7 of the handout), should use the appropriate referencing style, which for Kingston University is discussed in Harvard Referencing for Business students. This is a locally stored version – check the link for the latest version (login required).

Web Scripting for Applications Week 7

In the lab

This lab is all about developing a CRUD system for the EMP database table set up in week 6 – the initial code required is in this zip file. Extract the file, ensuring that you maintain the directory structures given.

You will be shown how to wire this code up in class


The exercises take you through setting up a small web site using folders, CSS and other techniques

Exercises: PHP exercises

Code for exercises: code

Web Scripting for Applications Week 6

Materials for first week back ..

Lecture 6 on mysql and php/phpmyadmin

SQL file required to set up the EMP database in mySQL empDB

SQL notes on using mySQL and the projection statement SQL Session 1

Notes on setting up your own version of MAMP (mac) Installing and using MAMP

empform code empform.php

Here are some SQL insert statements that may be useful:

insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (120, “SMITH”, 22000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (121, “JONES”, 23000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (122, “AVERY”, 22500);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (124, “MITCHELL”, 26000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (127, “WEBB”, 22000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (129, “TENNENT”, 22000);
insert into emp (empno,ename,sal) values (130, “RUSSELL”, 25000);

Exercise for lab: PHP exercise

Code for lab: codeforlab1

Web Scripting for Applications Assessment

The Web Scripting for Applications module has one assessment and one exam.

The assessment is collated from the exercises you have worked on every week, as detailed in Web Scripting for Applications Coursework

A word document containing all your work will be automatically generated for you – you do NOT have create this document yourself.

The final date for submission of work to the foliocube system will be December 21st @ 6:00pm. At this point no other work will be accepted by the system.