BB3103 Database Systems

Materials and links on this page are for the final year Database Systems module

Week One – Relational Model revisited

Week Two – CP, Joins, Views and query optimisation

Week Three – Writing RA and SQL expressions, Other relational operations, problems in the relational model, functions, grouping and sub-queries

Week Four – Functional Dependencies and Normalisation

Week Five – The normalisation process and proving (or disproving) 3NF and BCNF

Week Six – BCNF, Multi value and Join dependencies, approaches to database design and a BCNF algorithm

Week Seven – Introduction to Deductive Databases

Week Eight – Query resolution on definite databases

Week Nine – Trees and network structures in relational and deductive models, CWA and NAF

The exam paper for this module will be slightly different to previous years. The paper contains 7 questions (worth 25 marks each), from which you have to answer any four. Four of the questions are on material from semester one, three questions from semester two.

This pack Database Exam Revision 1011 of (old) questions covers the semester one material and indicates the style and content of the semester one questions. Serhey can give more information about the semester two questions

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