BBM007 Business Internet Systems (FT)

Business Internet Systems is a module offered to various postgraduate degrees, including the MSc Business Information Systems.

Information about the assessment for this module is here

Week One

Module guide Module guide 1213

Materials used in the introduction to databases (Exercises on selection in here)

Creating a PLE Creating a personalised homepage with netvibes – IT

Materials on selection and ordering in Databases (Exercises in here)

Notes on how the Internet works –TCP/IP

Week Two

No Lab on Monday

Database materials used in the lecture (Thursday) on Joins (Exercises in here)

Week Three

Lab: exercises from Week One and Week Two above on Projection, Selection and Join

Materials on Link management Link Management and Folksonomies

Database materials for the lecture

Materials on DNS: DNS handouts

Lecture: Semi Join, Functions in SQL, Groups, Sub queries – here

How the Internet works 3: HTTP/HTML HTTP clients and servers

Week Four

Lab exercises on work from last week – Semi Join, Functions in SQL, Groups, Sub queries here

You have a choice here – if you haven’t done HTML before you should use the HTML lecture and practical exercises

If you have done HTML before then you should use the CSS lecture and practical exercises

Lecture – recreating a site in Semantic XHTML and CSS – the slides, practical (and more) are in this post

Week Five

Introduction to Web Scripting –  lecture 1 handout

PHP Exercise – PHP Exercises 1

Web Forms Exercise – Web forms

Database Design Process – Database Design

The reading with the database design process slides in is Database Systems by Connolly / Begg – Chapters 16, 17 and 18 from the 5th Edition cover these in more detail.

Week Six

Lab / lecture on PHP lecture 2

Zip file containing code for lab and exercises php file 2

PHP exercises PHP Exercises

Lecture slides on normalisation (note that only 1NF to 3NF are required for the assignment / were covered in the lecture) normalisation

Week Seven

Slides for lab material lecture 3

Files for lab lab files

PHP exercise sheet for this week PHP Exercises

Slides for lecture lecture 4

Easter Break

Weeks Eight and Nine

Code for lab code for phpmysql

PHP exercise sheet for the lab PHP Exercises

Lecture slides on open source

Lecture slides on objects and classes Classes and objects

PHP exercise sheet for objects and classes PHP exercises

You do NOT have to use the objects/classes or MVC material for the assignment, but I would like to see you attempting the PHP exercise sheet on objects and classes in foliocube.

Advanced OPTIONAL work – really only for those students who know PHP really well or want to push themselves – MVC design patterns in PHP and smarty – exercise sheet and code example

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