BBM007 Business Internet Systems (PT)

Business Internet Systems is a module offered to various postgraduate degrees, including the MSc Business Information Systems. These materials (and sessions) are for part-time mode only, as the full-time mode covers the same materials but in a different order

Introduction to the module

Session 1, Weekend of 24th October – Covers database material in these three sessions – Introduction to Databases, Selection and Projection, Cartesian Product and Join

Session 2 – Covers database material on creating tables/the DQL/DML/DDL and functions and subqueries, also covers an introduction to database design and UML and normalisation

Session 3 – Internet standards: TCP/IP, DNS, HTTP Web servers and browsers

Session 4 – An introduction to PHP and building Web applications

Details about the assignment

Hints and tips about structuring an assignment and using Mendeley here

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