BB3105 Global Computing Environments

Global Computing Environments is a final year module taught to BUMP students. These materials are for the second semester (Phil Molyneux teaches the first semester – link to the semester 1 material).

Session 1 – HTTP, web servers and browsers

Session 2 – XHTML, HTML and semantic HTML

Session 3 – Coverting a preexisting site to Semantic HTML and CSS

Session 4 – Practical lab covering the materials in Session 3

Session 5 – HTML5 vs XHTML 2.0  and what comes next in CSS 3.0

Session 6 – Web application architecture

Session 7 – Open Source and Free Software

Session in week 8, 23rd March are these practical materials – no lecture this week

Session 9 – AJAX, RIAs and Web 2.0

Session 10 – Web application and Mobile application development approaches

Notes for the exam – semester 2 part (PDF)

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