BB1753 Information Technology for Business

BB1753 Information Technology for Business

This page will contain links to the lecture notes, lab materials, reading and other materials for this module. As the module progresses the links will appear

Week One materials – Introduction to the module and HTML

Week Two materials – Attributes, files, types and lists

Week Three materials – Markup languages and CSS

Week Four materials – More CSS – blocks, boxes, inline, external, ids, classes

Week Five materials – Redesigning a site in semantic XHTML and CSS

Week Six materials – Introduction to Databases and spreadsheet modelling

Week Seven materials – The selection operation in RA and SQL, advanced spreadsheet modelling

Week Eight materials – Cartesian Product and Join in Databases, importing and grouping in spreadsheets and HTTP / Web servers / Web browsers

Week Nine Materials – Writing Relational Algebra and SQL for dummies, the DQL, DDL and DML and spreadsheet charting options

Week Ten Materials – Open Source, Free Software, problems in the relational model, functions, grouping and subqueries

Week Eleven Materials – HTTP, Web Servers and Open Source

Information about the assignment (worth 70%) can be seen on the ITB assignment page

Information about the final test can be seen on the ITB Test 2 page

Results for ITB test 2

Marksheets and results for ITB assessment 3

Resit Information – 12/13

The resit for this module will be by test, and be sat during the exam resit period (typically around August). It will cover much the same material as the coursework. The revision pack (link below) explains the nature and structure of this test and contains activities which should form the core of a revision strategy

Revision ITB pack revision pack for the ITB resit test