ITB test 2 sample data

ITB test 2 briefing 1213

Sample data for the ITB test is available.

Sample spreadsheet data

The following table contains sample data for the spreadsheet part of the test

Customer ID Firstname Surname Sex Age Address Town Daytime calls mins Evening calls mins Weekend calls mins Text messages
1 Jennifer Ball F 21 15 Thurleston Avenue Kingston 45 26 25 71
2 William Irvine M 24 2/11 Embankment Gardens Kingston 47 23 43 30
3 Gary Collins M 31 59 Spring Gardens Kingston 26 23 41 28
4 Arlene Atkinson F 23 69 Lever Street Kingston 90 26 25 26

Sample Database

There is a cut down Access database which has the same structure as the one that will be used in the test, but does not have all the rows the final version will have – Remember that this is a compressed zip file so the contents will have to be extracted if you wish to make changes to the file.

Here are some sample questions that you can try and answer on the sample database above – Sample database questions

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