BB2006 Web Scripting for Applications

PHP is used as a server side programming language on Web Scripting for Applications (a second year module offered to BUMP students) and as part of Business Internet Systems, a postgraduate module

Week 1 Materials

Week 2 Materials

Week 3 Materials

Week 4 Materials

Week 5 Materials

Week 6 Materials

Week 7 Materials

Week 8 Materials

Week 9 Materials

Week 10 Materials – SMARTY exercise on MVC

Assessment for BB2006 Web Scripting for Applications

Revision pack for BB2006 Exam

Results for Assessment –  the feedback sheets are here: BB2006 Web Scripting without names – they are not in any order so you will have to search in the file for your KU id number (in adobe acrobat or Preview)

You can the marks in a grid: BB2006 Web Scripting Cswk

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