ITB Week 3

These are the materials for week 3 of the ITB course

Lecture Materials

lecture 3 handouts, in colour with 3 slides per page

css cribsheet from Phil Molyneux

This page contains the neatest summary of xhtml elements and their semantic use (there are tags here which we have not used yet – only tags shown in the slides and materials will be in the test)

Lab Materials

Lab 3

The compressed zip file lab3 is available for the lab activity

Database Systems Week 3

Materials for this week

  • Writing RA and SQL for dummies
  • Other RA operations – Union, Set Difference, Intersection and Division
  • DQL, DDL and DML

Connolly & Begg (4th ed.) Chapter 5 and 6 has sections on Data Manipulation and Data Definition. Chapter 4 has material on relational algebra (material on relational calculus isn’t required). Note that a more detailed explanation of division is offered here which may be useful later.

Ramakrishnan & Gehrke (Database Management Systems) has an excellent chapter on relational algebra, as has Elmasri & Navathe (Fundamentals of Database Systems).

Slides and lab materials based on Access can be found here

  • Problems in the relational model
  • Last part of SQL: function, grouping and subqueries

Slides and lab materials based on Access can be found here

Connolly & Begg for complete sets of DDL/DML/DQL SQL examples (Chapter 6 in 4th ed.). The other two books also have coverage.