Firefox vs IE

Neowin is reporting that Firefox has jumped a couple of points (with IE dropping a few).

Internet Explorer fell from 62.09% to 59.49%, while Firefox rose from 28.75% to 30.33%

Congratulations to FF and the open source world, but what are the reasons why IE is still at 60%?

Microsoft has achieved a lock in the corporate world by binding the use of IE into its Exchange and Back Office infrastructure. Users accessing Outlook through a non Microsoft browser see a very reduced functionality (there is really no reason for this as all modern browsers support xmlhttp like functionality). Seems like a non-standard proprietary lock-in to me.

Of course one of the main reasons people don’t switch is that they don’t even know what a browser is, as demonstrated by the Google team in New York.

IE has made some improvements to get to version 8, including better CSS 2 support, although much of the functionality seems to have borrowed from the other browsers.  Any reasonable analysis indicates that innovation is taking place in Chrome, FF or Opera.

Techmeme is also reporting some stats

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