Database Systems Week 2

Materials for this week

Lecture notes and exercises on Join, outer joins / inner joins

Notes on views in Relational DB and views in SQL

Article on query optimisation

Homework question РQ.4 (a) Р(c) only  query tree example

Connolly, T., Begg, C., 2010, Database Systems, 5th Ed.: Chapter 4 – Views, Chapter 5 – Relational Algebra, Chapter 6 – SQL Data Manipulation

Elmasri, R., Navathe, S., Database Systems, 6th Ed.: Chapter 18, pp. 680-690, Query Tree Heuristics

Silbershatz, A., Korth, H., Sudarshan, S., Database System Concepts, 6th Ed.: Chapter 13, pp. 579-589, Query Optimization

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