Database Systems Week 6

normalisation BCNF to 5NF slides as PDF

Multi Value Dependancies notes

Join Dependancies notes

Approaches to Database design notes

Connolly, T., Begg, C., 2005, Database Systems, 4th Ed.: Chapter 13 – FDs and normalisation

Connolly, T., Begg, C., 2010, Database Systems, 5th Ed.:Chapter 14 – FDs and normalisation

Elmasri, R., Navathe, S., Database Systems, 6th Ed.: Chapter 14 Normalisation using FDs, pp. 513 – 521

Silbershatz, A., Korth, H., Sudarshan, S., Database System Concepts, 6th Ed.: Chapter 8, pp. 337- 340, 354-360

Elmasri & Navathe has an interesting chapter on normalisation algorithms, which is worth looking at. This material won’t be in the exam though.

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