BBM007 Business Internet Systems Assessment

The assessment for this module is by two components:-

  • 35% of the grade comes from two tests taken in teaching period 1
  • 30% comes from the collection of your exercises in teaching period 2
  • 35% of the grade comes from group work, analysing, designing and prototyping a database implementation

About the group work

The specification for the group work is Assignment 1415, with more detail on the (broad) assessment categories in this diagram marking scale

Please note the instructions in the assignment about submission – each group will submit ONE word document with everything in it. This will be done electronically (only – no print version is required). The document should follow the guidelines specified here.

About the portfolio work

You should hand in a single word document containing code and screen shots for the exercises and activities set in teaching period 2.

Both the portfolio of work and the project work should be completed by Thursday April 2nd @ 9:00AM. There will be two different drop boxes, one for the group work and one for the individual portfolio work.


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