BB5104 Web Development for Business Assessment 1

The first assessment for this module is presented in four parts and involves creating a PHP/MYSQL solution for a module evaluation questionnaire system.

Part One is about creating the initial user form and response page – detailed Assignment part 1

Part Two is all about creating a table to store the results from the form in part one – Assignment part 2

Part Three asks you to create the relevant parts of CRUD for the assignment – Assignment part 3

Part Four asks you to create an authentication system and a summary statistics page – Assignment part 4

You will submit this work through a drop box in blackboard, as a SINGLE word document, which should include explanations of your design, screenshots and code. For instructions on how to write a correctly structured report, use the techniques in this post

The SINGLE word document is to be submitted through a dropbox on studyspace on Thursday 22nd January 2015 @ 9:00 AM GMT.

Erasmus students

Erasmus students who are only here for the first teaching period (i.e they leave before Christmas) have a slightly different process – they only have to do parts 1 – 3 above and should submit their work on Monday 15th December, into the special Erasmus dropbox in studyspace

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