BITS test 2

Information about the database test

This test is a twenty minute, one hour multiple choice test on all the material we have covered (relational model, algebra, SQL)

In the test you will be given a sample database (in an SQL text file) which you will need to download and load onto a mySQL database server.

You can either use your own machine, or use studentnet for this work.


1 – If you are using your own machine, create an empty database (call it testDatabase) BEFORE you copy/paste the SQL text into the phpmysql interface.

2 – If you are using studentnet please ensure that you have a valid password sorted out BEFORE the test (try logging in an hour before).

It will be impossible for the test to be run again in the time that we have available.

There is a sample SQL test database available that has the same structure as the database that will be used in the test. This is a compressed file so unzip the content and then copy/paste the text sampleDatabase.sql

Here are some sample questions to try out before the test – Sample-database-questions

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