BB4301 Business Information Analysis

Module handbook BIAHandbook1516

Book containing materials used in this course biaMaths

Week 1

Slides for Week 1 session 1 Intro to BIA – handout

Sample spreadsheet for exercises week1TestData

An introductory exercise on Excel Intro to excel – session 01

If you know Excel very well, then try the Google Spreadsheet exercise Intro to google spreads 1314

Week 2

Slides for Week 2 session 1 Intro to Statistics and Statistics

Data spreadsheet datavalues

Slides for Week 2 session 2 Statistics 2

Further reading on this material is in the biaMaths book above, from page 36 onwards.

Week 3

Slides for session 1 on variance and SD Variance and SD 1

Slides for session 2 with test details and calculating variance from a distribution table Variance and SD 2

Spreadsheet in class Example from slides – cover A

Example test from last year: 15test1

Week 4

Excel exercise on frequency distribution: ExcelStatisticsExercise

Sample spreadsheet for the exercise: ExampleData

Slides for session 1 – recap and exercises Week 4 session 1

Session 2 is the test

Week 5

Slides for session 1 – more measures Statistics

Spreadsheet Sample data

Material for session 2

Session 1 – Using Excel – tabs, creating nice designs, formulas across tabs, drop down boxes and protecting cells

Degree calculator and Degree calculator blank

Grade calculator exercise Model building – grade calc

Week 6

Session 1 – Model-building-session-2

Session 2 – Data management – session 3 2010

Week 7

Session 1 – Charts – session 4 2010

Session 2 – multiple choice test

This is a 55 minute test, containing 20 questions. These are multiple choice questions (worth 1 mark each). In the test, you will be presented with a spreadsheet that you have to manipulate to find the correct answer from the choices available.

There are practice questions for the test ExcelExs using this spreadsheet films

Here are some more practice questions: More Q

Week 8

Introduction to sets – slides – intro to sets

Introduction to the relational model – slides – sets and relational databases

Database used in examples session1 2010.accdb

Week 9

Lab exercises – sqlsession1 2010

Slides 2 – sets and relational databases 2

Selection in relational databases – slides – database-2-2007-handouts-3-slides

Lab exercises – sqlsession2

Student responses: BIA1516Responses

Week 10

Remember: there are ONLY classes on Monday this week

Student responses: adjusted Spreadsheet and database BIA1516ResponsesAdj

Here are some sample questions: Exercises student data

SETs and databases – Lab on sets and SQL

Week 11

Test on sets and databases

Week 12 (Teaching Period 2)

Cartesain Product, Sets and databases Sets and Cartesian Product

Subsets, Powerset, Nulls and Writing RA and SQL for dummies Sets and CP 2

CP exercises CP in SQL exercises

Author sample database (unzip the file to use) AuthorsDB.accdb

Sample questions on author database questions1

Week 13

Relations and functions slides: relations and functions

Handout on Relations and functions: Sets

More on functions, grouping and subqueries: functions recap and groups

Exercises and notes on SQL functions and grouping: SQL functions

Optional – outer joins

Other types of Joins Other types of Join

Author sample database (unzip the file to use) AuthorsDB.accdb

Sample outer join questions on author database questions2

Week 14


Handout on DDL/DML: CreatingTables

Problems with the relational model: Problems with RelMod

An example analysis: An Example Analysis

Slides with introduction to WWW, Web servers and HTML lecture 1 handout

Lab Exercise 1 Lab 1

poormarkup zip file (you will have to extract the contents of this zip file): poormarkup.html

Some background reading about HTML5

Week 15

Second session is the test

Lecture Materials: lecture 2 handout

Good resource with explanations about using images

Lab Materials: Lab 2

Word document 1: campus

Word document 2: about

The compressed zip file wordHTML is available for the third activity

Images – use a right mouse click to download these

kh kp
Kingston-from-bridge pr

Week 16

Session one

Introduction to logic Logic

Notes on Logic LogicAppSoftware

Session two

CSS lecture 3 handout

Code for demo in class: CSSinclass

css cribsheet from Phil Molyneux

This page contains the neatest summary of xhtml elements and their semantic use (there are tags here which we have not used )

Week 17

CSS lab: lab3

The compressed zip file CSSinclass is available for the lab activity

Week 18

More on Logic Logic 2

Notes on CSS: CSS 2 notes

Code for lecture: example-code

Copy and paste this into

CSS exercises Lab 4

lab4 files for lab exercise

Solutions for the CSS exercises are available

Week 19

Introduction to Probability slides Probability

Probability – OR slides Probability 2

Probability 3 – Probability 3 Handout

Lecture slides lecture 4

Example for lecture codeforlecture

Week 20

Probability 4 – Probability 4 Handout

TCP/IP slides TCP

DNS slides DNS handouts

HTTP slides HTTP clients and servers

CSS and XHTML site redesign project here

Week 21

Revision Pack (see top of page)

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